Betfair Trading Diary -April 12th 2019

On my last post - How Not to Trade Betfair,  I shared with you how i usually can keep a cool head but one moment of madness and my bankroll gets REKT
To try and compensate this, I decided to try keep a video Diary of all my trades. This might be a good way to look back and see what kind of mind frame I was in while I was trading and it might also show up any bad  habits I have and make me a better Trader.
Or it might be completely Shit and I learn absolutely nothing.

Here was my first attempt. The video is pretty horrible. First I forgot to turn on the mic, so i was talking for no reason and second the screen is laggy as F**k. 
Nonetheless, the Trade is pretty simple. The basic Idea is simple.
When the first set is over Place a lay bet on the winner of the set under the following conditions: The Loser of the first set is serving firstThe Loser of the first set held their serve at least twice That's it really nothing to fancy. I use geeks toy to set a 5 tick offset when matched and …

How NOT to Trade Betfair

Every now and again I get the urge to back to try and trade Betfair. Honestly, I watch videos from the usual experts, and I think to myself, that if they can do it than I certainly should be able to do it. Hence on the 1st of March I deposited 50e into betfair with the intention of doubling it on the Exchange over the course of a month and building up from there.
Initially it was going better than expected where I had managed to turn it in to 250 euro in less than a month.

But the results above only tell a small bit of the story

Mistake number 1 – jack of all Trades and Master of None
I have tried Trading before and have had success to a certain degree but my intention this time around was to build up some discipline and avoid the Boom Bust Cycle I have been vaguely enjoying over the past couple of years.
I started out with horse racing and began scalping just a couple of ticks a day, proving to myself that I can be disciplined. It started out great. The problem is Horse racing doesn’t re…

Getting started with an Amazon niche site

If you are like me and starting out in the world of passive income I would be certain that you will have come across Amazon Niche sites and if you haven't well today may well be your lucky day 😅😅. In my very first post,hello-world - I made a statement, that I wanted to make €2,500 from passive income each month and this seems like a good way to get started.
Now Il put my hands up at this point, I have come across this concept before and failed miserably. There are a number of reasons why I failed but to list a few: I thought this was going to be easy.I did not do enough if any research.I did not put in the required work.I was lazyAgain, I thought this was going to be easy You might notice a recurring theme but to make a long story short, I read a couple of posts and thought I could mimic a working method with a little effort and reaps massive rewards. I was completely wrong. Actually so far wrong that I made a total of €0.0. 
The difference now is twofold, One I am a little bit …

What is the key to success?

I want to share with you today something which took me a long time to understand. And why not share it with an Image, after all, an image paints a thousand words.

Image was sourced from a student called achzeet, who was pondering his life as a student in 2014. Hope things worked out for him. His Blog can be viewed here -

I never understood how this made sense. How can failure be successful? I was always thought that failing is bad. Even now, while I am back in education, failing is still frowned upon.Well, I have learned, eventually that every time you try something and don't succeed,two things happen. Firstly you learn something new about yourself and secondly you get one step closer to success. 🙈
Of course, It is easy for me to say it but would you believe me.Probably not,you don't know me. But maybe you will believe this guy. Elon may not be everybody's cup of Tea but what he has done has been remarka…

Hello world!

It is always a bit weird starting a blog for the first time and writing a post that nobody is ever going to read 😂😂.  But just in case, let me introduce myself.

My name is Derek, and previously this blog was set up 8 years ago mainly while I was into sports trading.  Sports trading is something I enjoyed and had some reasonable success with, more success than I had with this actual blog. LOL!  The problem with sports trading is that it was sooooo time consuming and at times when it interfered with my life and I felt like I was missing out. Don't get me wrong it was great pre kids when the weekends were my own but now I'm daddy taxi , I could not waste my whole weekends stuck in front of a screen. (Anyone who is a parent with kids will deffo relate)

To replace my lost revenue, I have looked at loads of ideas, from bouncy castles to websites of an adult nature(honestly) and everything in between but to be honest I never really gave them my best shot and the results matched the…