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If you are like me and starting out in the world of passive income I would be certain that you will have come across Amazon Niche sites and if you haven't well today may well be your lucky day 😅😅. In my very first post,hello-world - I made a statement, that I wanted to make €2,500 from passive income each month and this seems like a good way to get started.

Now Il put my hands up at this point, I have come across this concept before and failed miserably. There are a number of reasons why I failed but to list a few:
  1. I thought this was going to be easy.
  2. I did not do enough if any research.
  3. I did not put in the required work.
  4. I was lazy
  5. Again, I thought this was going to be easy
You might notice a recurring theme but to make a long story short, I read a couple of posts and thought I could mimic a working method with a little effort and reaps massive rewards. I was completely wrong. Actually so far wrong that I made a total of €0.0. 

The difference now is twofold, One I am a little bit older, a little bit more mature and more focused. I also have a clear goal as to how much I actually want  will make.I am not the type of person who is good at doing something without having a clear goal or finish in mind. This works for everything that I do.If I don't set a goal than I lose interest pretty quickly and well results will always speak for themselves.

The point of this post and any subsequent posts that will follow, is to force myself to fully research this topic.No shortcuts and no easy way out.  Just like this wonderful song from Rocky 4


By forcing myself to type out what I am researching, It is forcing me to learn and also forcing me to put in the required effort that it required to make anything a success. At this point I am only documenting what I have researched and where I am getting the information. Not of the information, will be new or be my own methods but I will reference all material. There will also be no affiliate links in this post. I am not trying to offer anything, It is simply a place for me to put my research and force myself to learn as much as I can

If you are like me you will probably ask yourself two questions.What is an Amazon niche site? How exactly do you make money from them? And if you are really like me, you are probably more concerned with the second question.However, you cannot make money off something that you don't understand.Well I cant anyway.

The first logical step I took, was to perform a simply Google search on what a Amazon niche site was.Probably the most common saying you hear these days is "Google it" so it must be a good place to start.😇 The below screen grab shows the top 5 results on the 29th of December 2017

A quick examination of the names of each of these websites, scream out to me that each of these websites are affiliate websites. That is not a bad thing because to rank on a Google search, the content will need to be decent. I usually scan through each of the top few websites and if I find the content is any good,  i'll give them a little click on any adsence ads if they have any set up on the site.  (Every little helps)

The number one ranking website is ,which is a blog by Rohlit Palit. At 12,000 words, Rohlit has clearly put an amazing amount of effort  into his guide(which in my opinion is a good place to start for anyone who is interested in going down this route). Just to put this into perspective, My thesis is currently 13000 words and has taking me a year to write.

 I really liked the layout of the guide and the table of contents at the top of the page impressed me because it allowed me to scan through each of his chapters and pick out the exact section efficiently. It is quite a detailed post so if you are like me and get bored of reading after a short time, I would recommend saving the URL and go back and read again and again as he covers everything from explaining what an amazon niche site is to flipping these sites once they become successful.

The second website is a website which is run by an entrepreneur called Al-Amin Kabi. I do not know alot about Al-Amin, but his bio was quite impressive and he looks like someone who may be worth taking note of.
Taking from Al-Amin Kabi's Bio

While the post itself is not as in depth as the top ranking page, It does contain alot of useful information and he gives nice clear examples on how to execute each step.

After the top 2 pages, you start to see a recurring theme in the remaining websites on the 1st google result page however you can clearly see a drop off  in quality.  That is not to say what is in them is not good I just feel like there is more than enough information in the top 2 sites which are both explained very well. 

Of course blogs are not the only source of information that are useful. It is probably a good Idea to use as many outlets as you can, and one that I like to do is to browse through some forums. A little word of warning though, Forums can be tough to extract the information you want and sometimes you have to trawl through a bunch of immature and senseless crap, BUT there are some golden nuggets out there and I would encourage you to get involved on these communities. Two forums that I frequent are Blackhatworld and Reddit. And just to give you an example of posts that are useful I have posted 2 that I have found today.

Blackhatworld     -----      Example 1

Reddit                 ----       Example 2

At the minute, those are the two places that I look the most but if anyone can suggest any that I am missing, that would be great.

My Next step from here will be to find a Niche and take this step by step. Il post here exactly what I have done next week fo find myself a niche that i will hopefully be happy with. 

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