Betfair Trading Diary -April 12th 2019

On my last post - How Not to Trade Betfair,  I shared with you how i usually can keep a cool head but one moment of madness and my bankroll gets REKT

To try and compensate this, I decided to try keep a video Diary of all my trades. This might be a good way to look back and see what kind of mind frame I was in while I was trading and it might also show up any bad  habits I have and make me a better Trader.

Or it might be completely Shit and I learn absolutely nothing.


Here was my first attempt. The video is pretty horrible. First I forgot to turn on the mic, so i was talking for no reason and second the screen is laggy as F**k. 

Nonetheless, the Trade is pretty simple. The basic Idea is simple.

When the first set is over Place a lay bet on the winner of the set under the following conditions:
  1. The Loser of the first set is serving first
  2. The Loser of the first set held their serve at least twice
That's it really nothing to fancy. I use geeks toy to set a 5 tick offset when matched and I either get matched during the first game or I take a loss if the player loses their serve.

It is quiet basic and I'm not to sure how good it will be yet. But I guess we will soon find out 


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