Hello world!

It is always a bit weird starting a blog for the first time and writing a post that nobody is ever going to read 😂😂.  But just in case, let me introduce myself.

My name is Derek, and previously this blog was set up 8 years ago mainly while I was into sports trading.  Sports trading is something I enjoyed and had some reasonable success with, more success than I had with this actual blog. LOL!  The problem with sports trading is that it was sooooo time consuming and at times when it interfered with my life and I felt like I was missing out. Don't get me wrong it was great pre kids when the weekends were my own but now I'm daddy taxi , I could not waste my whole weekends stuck in front of a screen. (Anyone who is a parent with kids will deffo relate)

To replace my lost revenue, I have looked at loads of ideas, from bouncy castles to websites of an adult nature(honestly) and everything in between but to be honest I never really gave them my best shot and the results matched the effort. As the saying goes, you only get out of something whatever you put into it.  Fast forward a couple of years and I decided to go back to college in order to progress my career and this is finally my last year in college BUT....

I don't see myself working for someone else, for the rest of my life, making them rich. We should not live to work which is a trap I think a lot of people fall into so I have set out a goal to be financially free. Financially free can mean diffferent things to different people, but to me it means that I earn enough money in my sleep to pay all my bills each month and spend less time working and more time  with my family

That target right now is €2500 a month So my aim is to build up to this figure by the end of 2018.. seems out of reach now but why not aim big.The kicker is that I currently have no clue on where to start or how I'm going to achieve this, but I know it is possible

So why this blog.... Hands up, when I started this blog in a different sphere many years ago, I thought  making money off a blog was going to be a piece of cake... I soon learned that I was completely wrong. To make money from a blog, you need to have something to offer. I have nothing to offer hence I do not expect to make anything from this site, In fact I don't even expect anyone to be reading this.  But I do want to document my journey to show my kids that anything can be achieved by taking action.

So here I am, taking action

If you do drop by this page, please say hello and introduce yourself.




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